Aviso De Privacidad

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    We offer the present declaration of privacy explanation for the information we compile about you, how we use it, how you may use it to optimize your experience when you visit our websites, and during your relationship with us, with whom and with what motives we might share that information, and your options in regards to our use of your information.

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    At huaxteca.com…where the even the dog has fun! We commit to respect your privacy and to protect your identifiable information. We commit to protect your privacy and adhere to the principles established by data and identity protection laws.

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    At our website www.huaxteca.com, it is possible to solicit and collect information of personal nature to facilitate your visit, and offer the corresponding information.

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    Types of information that could be solicited by huaxteca.com… even the dog has fun: name(s), last name(s), address(es), home phone number, mobile, and/or workplace numbers, signature, electronic mail, gender, age, date of birth, name of business, business address, federal tax information.

Purpose And Treatment Of Personal Information

01 To carry out services

The personal information that you provide us will be used by huaxteca.com…even the dog has fun! to carry out the services that you solicit, or that are part of an itinerary to which you have subscribed, or from a purchase that you have made: reservations, service contracts, tour payments, purchase of Eco-touristic and Adventure services.

02 Offer you a better service

Huaxteca.com … Even the dog has fun! may use your personal information to provide you with better services, and in your case, identify your preferences during your trip, and comply with your expectations. At any time we may use your information to offer you promotions, touristic and commercial products, promotional mailings, special services, informative bulletins, surveys, prize drawings, and other on-line competitions.

03 Limitations for the usage and disclosure of personal information

At any time you may manifest your refusal for the purposes that do not give origin to legal relations, nor are necessary for the provision of services, in other words, you may repeal the consent that you have given for the use of your personal data, through a request, which must be presented in writing to Blvd. Mexico-Laredo 209 Col. Obrera C.d. Valles S.L.P. CP. 79050 or at [email protected]

Said request must contain at least the following:

  • Name of the record-holder for the Personal Data;
  • Electronic mail to receive notifications;
  • Documents that will give credit to your identity, or in your case, the legal representation of the entitled;
  • Clear and precise description of the personal data in regards to the ones seeking rights, and the right which is requested to exercise.
  • Any other object or document that will facilitate the location of personal data, such as travel dates, or the request of information, in your case.

04 Access, rectification, cancelation or opposition

Access, rectification, cancelation or opposition in regards to the information that you provide to expedicioneshuaxteca.com…where even the dog has fun! can be accomplished in the Federal Protection Law of Personal Data in Possession of the Particulars, by turning in the request that you direct to us, according to the terms established in this document.

05 Control and Security of Personal Information.

Huaxteca.com… where the dog even has fun! commits to take the necessary measures to protect the collected information by using technological security and control procedures in the access, usage and dissemination of your personal information; at the same time we will not provide your data to massive email lists, external servers, or any other foreign medium unknown to huaxteca.com … even the dog has fun!

06 Changes to this declaration of privacy.

Huaxteca.com… even the dog has fun! at any moment will be able to actualize and/or modify this declaration of privacy. In the case where substantial changes are made to this declaration, we will communicate it on our web page www.huaxteca.com