Reglamento de Mascotas

At the hostel “Pata de perro”

01 For overnight

  • The pets must have its own transportable cage to sleep in, or it may sleep on the special pet bed.
  • The transportable cage may be situated in the rooms as long as the pet does not bark, in order to respect all the guests’ rest; if not, we will have to relocate it to the higher area of the Hostel (Washing Zone).
  • The pets may not sleep in the regular bedrooms for reasons of security and hygiene, without exception; if the user ignores this, they will have to pay for the price of the Hostel’s linens.

02 Common areas

  • Pets may be in the common areas (washing areas), except for the dining area. We must take into consideration that there might be persons with allergies among the rest of the guests.
  • If the pet does not have basic training, please use a leash and supervise since their are other people around. Their are areas that the pet could get injured if not supervised.

03 Meals

  • Each person with a pet must bring the pet’s food, including the pet’s dish. It is not allowed to feed the pets with leftovers from the Dog Paw Hostel.

Trips and Transportation

01 Transportation

  • The pets will only be able to accompany us on certain trips because in some of the touristic sites they restrict the entry of pets.

02 Tours

Waterfall Jump, Excursion to Tamul and/or Rafting as long as the dog meets the following characteristics: for waterfall jumping and rafting the dog is required to be of a race appropriate for swimming, and it must be of adequate size in order to be able to use a lifesaving vest. All the passengers on the raft must be in agreement that the pet participate, and it must have a calm demeanor so that it does not invade the space of other passengers. You must consider that dogs of a small race, or of a race that is heavy with small legs, do not enjoy the trip at all because it takes them too much physical effort, and the activity can become traumatizing and unenjoyable for the dog.

  • In the Waterfall Jump not all dogs have the courage to jump, therefore you must consider that you will be responsible for the pet if it decides to run back, and you might have to stop the trip to return to your pet at the vehicle. If it is a pet familiarized with the water you will probably not have this problem..
  • At the excursion to Tamul it is only required that it be a dog with a calm disposition so that it doesn’t risk tipping over the canoe, and as long as all the participants agree that it board.
  • When it is of a large dog race, the availability for space on the company transports will have to be checked. If they are full, the pet will not be able to participate.

Note: In the Surrealist garden pets are not allowed, neither in Tamasopo or Minas Viejas. These rules are dictated and supervised by people outside of