Information for the Tourist

Information for the tourist or expeditioner. gives you the warmest welcome and thanks you for the opportunity that you give us to share the enjoyment of the natural beauties and adrenaline that are included in the Potosinan Huasteca. A Rule overseen by the Norma Oficial Mexicana (official Mexican Norm) NOM-011-TUR-2001 for Adventure Activities. Adventure Tourism are trips that have a purpose to perform recreational activities associated with challenges imposed by nature.

The Huasteca Potosina

The Huasteca Potosina is an area with a very warm climate for most of the year, with an ecosystem of low deciduous jungle, and that still has important populations of felines, such as the puma (cougar) and the jaguar, and a habitat for thousands of species. This requires that we adopt a conscience for conservation to allow future generations the enjoyment of the environment, with the existing conditions, or in better conditions. The Geography of the state of San Luis Potosí has a staggered formation, and represents the lowest level, in other words it is very close to sea level in the majority of its spots, having a few exceptions such as in the case of Xilitla.

Services offered by the company

The Huasteca Potosina region offers a variety of alternative adventure activities, among which offers:

  • Adventure: Rafting, Rappelling, Waterfall Jumps and Scuba Diving.
  • Ecotourism: Hiking, Flora and Fauna Observation, Eco Touristic Trips, Camping, & Temazcal.
  • Lodging:
  • All-inclusive packages: 2 to 6 days expeditions including lodging, transportation, food, etc.

We invite you to get in touch with our personnel during our office hours; or visit us at our web page, where you will find information about the services and available packages during the different seasons of the year. Ask our personnel for prices, seasons, form of payment, and reservations; and all that is necessary so that you may include us in your visit through the Huasteca Potosina Region.

  • Office Hours: 07:30 a 20:00hrs
  • The schedule of activities regularly begins between 9:00 and 10:00 am, and ends between 17:00 and 19:00 hrs.
  • The schedule and duration of the activities varies according to the requirements of the activities, the groups’ necessities, weather conditions, etc. And they are subject to change without early warning.
  • reserves the right to modify or cancel itineraries for reasons out of our control, such as natural phenomena, political manifestations, etc.)

Conditions for performing the activities:

Physical: you must weigh more than 40 Kg and less than 110 Kg, and be 8 years old or more. Health: you must not have heart problems, back problems, be pregnant, not have psychiatric or neurological problems, physical limitations that by the nature of the activities would prevent you from participating in them.

Nature: activities that can be performed under rainy conditions, or absence of the same, in non-extreme temperatures; activities cannot be performed when the level of water of the rivers or waterfalls is extremely excessive and goes over the limits previously indicated and given by the competent authorities, or if the guides or staff from consider it so; or when the trails have been severely damaged by climatic conditions or other phenomena; when the speed of wind or other conditions such as hail, etc. alter the required conditions to perform the activities.

Adventure activities imply risks, such as cuts, losses, or temporary injuries and/or definitives, including death.

The Mexican official norms state that each participant must fill out a document with specific information, which we consider a response in relation to complying with the requisitions established by said norms. presently offers travel insurance for participants. It is essential to fill out the forms in a truthful and accurate manner, and send them ahead of time.

Behaviour of the tourist

Behaviour that the tourist must have during their visit and/or during the development of activities:

  • Must show respect of the customs, religious and political preferences, ect., and of the local population, staff and rest of the participants.
  • • Must be sure to walk on surfaces that are resistant, or on those that are clearly marked or impacted.
  • Dispose of food leftovers in a responsible manner in order to avoid giving bad habits to the wild animals (do not feed the wildlife.)
  • Avoid the use of fires.
  • Do not take items from the natural areas where activities are performed (fauna, flora, etc.)
  • Do not leave anything you took in with you in order to avoid depreciation and contamination.
  • No camping in unidentified places that are not designated and prepared for said activity.
  • Preferably use, if at all possible, biodegradable items that will not damage the ozone layer..

Safety measures

Measures of safety that must be adhered to by the tourist:

  • Must use the safety equipment provided by
  • Must abide by the instructions given by the guides or instructors of
  • Must remain in visual contact with the rest of participants or expedition members as well as with the staff and guides of
  • It is necessary not to invade the space identified as a work area in the case of Rappelling activities.
  • During Rafting you must remain inside the boat or raft until the guide indicates the contrary.
  • During the Waterfall Jump, you must follow the guides’ instructions and perform the jumps only in the place and in the way the guides indicate it.
  • Must stay away from wild life and domestic animals and abstain from provoking them.
  • If there is a medical situation, you must inform it immediately to the guides of each activity, and you must have with you the medication or treatment required.
  • Do not consume or bring any kind of drug. You will not be able to consume a medication that could alter your state of mind while performing the activities.
  • Do not bring chains, watches, rings, and/or jewels in general.

Responsibilities of the Tourist

  • Comply with and preserve the behavior rules previously mentioned.
  • Follow the safety measures written above, and those on which the guide(s) of each activity expands.
  • Declare without falsification all the information requested by
  • Manage the children that accompany you.
  • You must inform the guide if someone becomes sick or there are special health needs