Holy Week in the Huasteca Potosina region

Holy Week is a season when we all have an opportunity to travel, on many occasions and for many of us who live in a world full of work and commitments. It is probably the only time of the year that we can escape from the routine; for this reason it is very important to select the best destination for our trip; one that may satisfy our tastes and adapt to our budget, especially if we vacation with the family.

The Huasteca Potosina area offers many alternatives for the active traveler who likes walks and nature trips. There are specialized activities like Rafting (rapids or river descent), Rappelling (descent with cords, confused many times with escalating, which consists of climbing;) Waterfall Jumping (jumping in the natural water holes that are formed by a river.) There are simpler and economical alternatives such as excursions or guided tours, which in the Huasteca potosina region include places like the Edward James Sculptured Garden, Los Sótanos de Huahuas and Golondrinas (huahuas and swallows cellars), The Tamul Waterfall with the Water Cave, The Minas Viejas Waterfall, The Salto and The Meco, and of course the very famous Bridge of God of Tamasopo.

The excursions are not “cheap” because they are all day, in other words to get to the attractions from Ciudad Valles, which is the central point of the Huasteca, and where the majority of hotels are located, we must move around an average hour and a half one way, and the same time upon return. Besides the agencies include in the price the entry fee, a light snack, a complete meal, which differs from the organized tours in other touristy places, in that in the Huasteca we offer a complete meal, in other words, in the Mayan Riviera you pay double price of what you pay in an excursion to the Huasteca, there you will pay for a lunch that consists of a sandwich, Water and fruit; while in the Huasteca, in the majority of places it is buffet style food, with delicious regional dishes, and in the places where there is no buffet, the food is abundant and very tasty.

We recommend that you reserve your trip before arriving to the area since during Holy Week the seats get sold out for organized tours, and it will be more complicated to find things on your own. One recommendation is to travel with Huaxteca.com…where even the dog has fun! A company that counts on all the equipment necessary and 15+ years within the organization of tours of the Huasteca region, which guarantees that your trip will be a positive one.

Enjoy the Huasteca during Holy Week!

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