Changes and Cancellations Policy

  • 01

    To guarantee the reservation a 50% deposit is required. No trip is considered reserved without this deposit. You are also required to fill out the questionnaire, otherwise the reservation will not be guaranteed

  • 02

    Your reservation cost will be determined by the number of people that you indicate in writing, with the responsibility of canceling any people that will not attend within a minimum of 48 hours.

  • 03

    For reimbursements, a written notice of a minimum of 15 days previous to travel (except for high season reservations). The reimbursement will be made to the bank account that the customer provides. All cancellations cause a retention of 15% for administrative costs.

  • 04

    If your cancelation notice is less than 15 days ahead, the deposit will not be refundable.

  • 05

    The deposit is transferable to another tourist, with a written notification of a minimum of 48 hours before the beginning of the trip for which you are contracted.

  • 06

    The deposit may remain as a guarantee for 365 days following the date of cancellation, by informing us if the date change in writing under the following conditions. Low season – a minimum of 48 hour notice before the reservation date. High season: 15 or more days in advance of the reservation. The new reservation will depend on availability.

  • 07

    Any deposit made for trips will not be refunded, if you do not present yourself on the day indicated on your registration questionnaire at our installations, or the location previously agreed upon in writing, at the time established, thereby losing any rights to reclaim, refunds, exchanges, or compensation.

  • 08

    In the case of total cancelation by our company, your deposit will be refunded.

  • 09…where even the dog has fun, reserves the right to modify itineraries including the cancellation of activities for causes out of our control (climate factors, sudden natural disasters, political problems, etc.)

  • 10

    During high seasons, there will be no refund of the deposit that you made to guarantee your trip. However, you can change the your travel dates but you are required to inform us in writing with a minimum of 15 days before the original booked dates.

Restrictions for Adventure Activities

  • Not appropriate for people with back problems.
  • Not appropriate for people with heart problems.
  • Not appropriate for people who are overweight, 110 Kg. (242.508 Lbs) (related to weight and height)
  • Not appropriate for women who are pregnant.
  • Not appropriate for people with recent surgeries (less than 3 months.)
  • For people with disabilities, consultation is required for the specific activity and conditions of the place to be visited.
  • Persons with asthma must present their medication before beginning the trip.
  • The participant cannot have consumed alcohol or drugs previous to the activity, nor any medication that could cause mind alterations.
    • Some activites require a minimum age of 6 years, and Rafting on the Tampaón as well as Rappeling in Tamul, require a minimum age of 8 years.
    • If you require a vegetarian meal, please indicate this prior to the trip.