Beto Ramon’s Health Castle

Xilitla is by excellence the preferred destination of tourists who travel to the Potosinan Huasteca; whimsical formations originating from dreams and built in the middle of the jungle, next to the crystalline stream of “La Conchita.” With its waterfalls and wells, they are a place that you must not miss.

Beto Ramón was a Nahua Indian, who inherited and left his knowledge of traditional medicine or herbology to all those who prefer the use of alternative medicine to cure their illnesses. He built “El Castillo de la Salud” (the castle of health), in the town of Axtla and in actuality we may travel through its installations learning about the use of the plants and their benefits as well as acquire the products, which have made him so famous at a national level.

  • Physical activity during the trip is Medium.
  • Children 1 years old may attend.
  • Time required is a whole day.
  • Ideal season is all the year.
  • Only programmed for private groups or if there is no access to the abyss due to weather conditions.

Ecotourism Activities

  • Xilitla & Sótano de las Huahuas

    Excursion to the Edward James surrealist garden, the town of Xilitla and Sótano of the Huahuas. See More!

  • Xilitla & Sotano de las Golondrinas

    Tour of the Edward James surrealist garden, the town of Xilitla and the Sótano of the Golondrinas (Swallows.) See More!

  • Trip to the Tamul Waterfall by canoe

    Crossing the Tampaón River by “pangas”, typical wooden boats. See More!

  • Trip to Tamasopo & Puente de Dios

    Tamasopo, “a place where water drips” is a natural spa, which delineates a 25 meter (over 82 feet) waterfall. See More!

  • Waterfalls Circuit Excursion

    Visit the waterfalls of Micos, El Meco, El Salto, and Minas Viejas! See More!

  • Tamtoc & Thermal Waters

    Tamtoc gives us a clear idea of the characteristics of the life of the first inhabitants of this area. See More!

  • Excursion to Tambaque & Mantetzulel

    Tambaque in Huasteco means “place of the very low water”, and is a shallow crystalline fountain in which one may relax. See More!

  • Visit to Castle of Health

    Tour the town of Xilitla, and visit Beto Ramón’s “castle of health”. See More!

  • Trip to the Voladores of Tamaletón

    The Eagles or Hawks Dance, better known as the Ritual Ceremony of the Fliers. See More!