Tamasopo & Puente de Dios (Bridge of God)

On this excursion we visit the Puente de Dios, which is a type of cavern formed by natural rock, and through which the rays of the sun enter through a crevice, creating an effect of artificial illumination on the water. In this place you will be able to observe the turquoise blue of the water, the stalactites and stalagmites on the walls, which makes this an unforgettable experience.

Afterwards we will go to the Tamasopo waterfalls, a place of lush vegetation, which gives way to a real Eden. To listen to the sound of the water as it falls from 20 meters of height, and to observe how the uniformed sheet of water slides and divides through the rocks becomes a total spectacle that your eyes will enjoy.

  • Physical activity during the trip is low.
  • Children 3 years old may attend.
  • Time required is a whole day.
  • Ideal season is all the year.
  • Transportation to the activity from the hotel and back.
  • 1 full meal.
  • 1 snack.
  • Flavored water..
  • Gear necessary for the excursion.
  • Park entrance fees.
  • Technical guides trained in moving waters rescue, Federal accreditation from the IRF.
  • Travel Insurance (with your information sent previously to our office).
  • Adjustable sandals, Water Shoes or sneakers that can get wet.
  • Shorts or light trousers for activities (no jeans).
  • Towel. Required to cover vehichle seat if you are wet.
  • Hat/cap.
  • Biodegradable sun block.
  • Ecological bug repellent.
  • Small backpack for personal items.
  • If you have food allergies or require a specific type of food, please let us know ahead of the trip.
  • Make sure to bring a change of dry clothes since during the majority of the activities you will get completely wet.
  • The Huaxteca staff is certified in First Aid, and is equipped with a first aid kit, however for your own safety, we cannot administer medications, and therefore we recommend you bring your own.
9:00 amWe depart from Ciudad Valles, rendezvous point for tourists interested in the exploration of The Huasteca Potosina region.
10:30 amArrival to the Tamasopo town where we will go to the first location: Puente de Dios.
10:45 amWe will be arriving to the Puente de Dios site where the guide will provide us the adequate gear to swim in the river and will tell us about the place.
1:00 pmTransfer to the Tamasopo Waterfalls where we will make a stop to learn about the process of some products derived from sugar cane; we will have the option to purchase some cane juice, cane syrup, and sugar, all processed naturally and without chemicals or preservatives. (Consumption is optional and at the expense of the tourist).
1:30 pmWe will visit the Tamasopo Waterfalls and we will swim in the ponds formed from the waterfall. We will be able to do some intrepid jumps at different heights.
3:30 pmFood in the town center, we will enjoy some flavorful local dishes.
4:30 pmReturn to Ciudad Valles.
5:30 pmWe arrive to Ciudad Valles where each tourist will be taken back to their respective hotel.

* The Schedule is an approximate and will depend on weather and road conditions.


  • We will encounter local crafts, regional coffee, and other amenities for sale, do not forget to bring some cash.
  • Please notify your guide beforehand in the case of any food restrictions.
  • As well as departure times for your bus on the tour day.


  • During the rainy season (July-October), if the river is overflown access to the river will not be permitted, the tourist will have the option to change their tour with another one marked in our calendar, or if it is available the Media Luna Spring tour in the Rio Verde town may be taken.

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