Surrealist Garden in Xilitla & Huahuas

This excursion consists of a visit to the Edward James Surrealist Garden, which is a harmonious place integrated by nature and surrealist architecture.

The garden is composed of figures made of concrete placed in a kind of labyrinth. The majority of the structures imitate nature. It is said that each one of these forms have a significance that reflects the idealist, dreamer and surrealist spirit of its creator.

This tour is complemented with a visit to the town of Xilitla, which is surrounded by mountains, hills, and exuberant vegetation where you will enjoy the singing of birds and water murmurs. Inside the town you will find the former Augustinian convent which was built between 1550 and 1557 to be used as a fort for the Augustinian missionaries Fray Juan de Sevilla and Fray Antonio Roa.

In actuality it is recognized as an architectural jewel, unique in its type for being the oldest religious building of the state of San Luis Potosí.

To conclude this trip we will taste a typical regional dish, and afterwards we will visit the Sótano of the Huahuas (very similar to the Sótano of the Golondrinas), which is composed of a cliff of 70 meters in diameter and 478 meters in depth, which serves as a sanctuary for thousands of birds, which offer a majestic spectacle as they gather when the sun goes down.

Beautiful songs, exotic aromas, and the intense green of its vegetation will keep you captivated.

  • Physical activity during the trip is low in Xilitla y medium at Huahuas.
  • Children 5 years old may attend.
  • Time required is a whole day.
  • Ideal season is all the year.
  • Transportation to the activity from the hotel and back.
  • 1 full meal.
  • 1 snack.
  • Flavored water..
  • Gear necessary for the excursion.
  • Park entrance fees.
  • Technical guides trained in moving waters rescue, Federal accreditation from the IRF.
  • Travel Insurance (with your information sent previously to our office).
  • Clothing and comfortable footwear suitable for long hike over rough terrain.
  • Swimsuit or clothing to get wet. You will have the opportunity to swim.
  • Towel. Required to cover vehichle seat if you are wet.
  • Hat/cap.
  • Biodegradable sun block.
  • Ecological bug repellent.
  • Small backpack for personal items.
  • If you have food allergies or require a specific type of food, please let us know ahead of the trip.
  • Make sure to bring a change of dry clothes since during the majority of the activities you will get completely wet.
  • The Huaxteca staff is certified in First Aid, and is equipped with a first aid kit, however for your own safety, we cannot administer medications, and therefore we recommend you bring your own.
9:00 amWe depart from Ciudad Valles, rendezvous point for tourists interested in the exploration of The Huasteca Potosina region.
10:00 amPit stop where you will have the option to try the region’s cinnamon bread with coffee. (Optional Consumption and at the tourist’s expense)
11:00 amArrival to the magical town of Xilitla where we will visit the Surrealist Edward James Garden and we will tour its installations, all while the tour guide will tell us about the life of this eccentric character and the surrounding structures.
3:00 pmFood at the center of the magical town of Xilitla where you will encounter the delicious palate of the region such as the Huasteca enchilada made in the best restaurant in town which features a magnificent view from its terrace. After the meal there will be time to walk around the town’s streets and admire all the local crafts.
5:00 pmPit stop where you will have the opportunity to try the local artisanal ice cream from El Palmar, considered by most as the best in the region, they have a large variety of flavors that could conquer your taste buds. (Optional Consumption and at the tourist’s expense)
5:30 pm
We will learn about the Teenek culture in San Isidro Tampaxal in the town of Aquismon, place that harbors one of the most spectacular bird watching locations. After a walk around the coffee plantation we will head towards the Huahuas basement where we can appreciate the spectacle that is the descent of the birds that call that great abysm home.

At the Huahuas basement there is a 1.2km hike to get to the basement’s mouth and a 1.2km hike to make it back to the start of the trail. The hike will have a path with uniform stairs cutting through the wilderness. This hike may be difficult for overweight people, the elderly, or people with knee, hip, or breathing problems (due to the high altitude).
7:00 pmWe will hike back to the vehicle for a snack and to return to Ciudad Valles.
9:00 pmWe arrive to Ciudad Valles where each tourist will be taken back to their respective hotel.

* The Schedule is an approximate and will depend on weather and road conditions.


  • Both outside the Surrealist Edward Jones Garden and the hike towards the Huahuas Basement we will encounter local crafts, regional coffee, and other amenities for sale, do not forget to bring some cash.
  • Please notify your guide beforehand in the case of any food restrictions.
  • As well as departure times for your bus on the tour day.

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